The Eyecatcher bracelet fuses art, fashion & technology by creating jewelry wearables that show patterns, photos & notifications on always-on displays.

There are no buttons or input on the Eyecatcher bracelet. Instead you use the Eyecatcher app on your iPhone to configure the Eyecatcher bracelet. You control if your Eyecatcher shows art, information, or a mix of art and information.


  • Customize your look on the fly. Pick a pattern that matches your mood or outfit.

  • Catch everyone's eye with a slideshow. Download 12 images to the Eyecatcher bracelet which then displays them as a slideshow.


  • Make your photos unique. Use the Eyecatcher app to crop, add text, doodles.


  • Watch faces. Updates every minute. Always on. Like a watch.

  • Moving maps.

  • Barcodes. Pay for your coffee, or board your flight.

  • Activity. Shows your daily or weekly stepcounts.

  • Calendar. Show your events from Apple or Google.

  • Weather. Shows your local weather.

  • ... and more


looksee fashion labs merges cutting edge technology with modern design accessories. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Eyecatcher bracelet.

  • cuff bracelet with ultra-thin, always-on, e-ink display

  • built-in micro USB charging port

  • Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to your smartphone

  • bracelet is controlled by the Eyecatcher app

  • rechargeable battery

  • water resistant


We have 4 different Eyecatcher models including

  • Mars - Thin flexible stainless steel (left)

  • Mercury - Silver-colored white bronze (middle)

  • Venus - Solid silver (right)

  • Venus Mk2 - Available in white rhodium, yellow gold, or red gold

All have the same functionality.


How do I use my Eyecatcher?

These short videos show how easy it is to display patterns, customize photos, and select real-time information.


Download a self-help guide to help you diagnose any issues with your Eyecatcher bracelet, covering Charging, Scanning, Connecting, and Testing. We created this guide based on our experience developing, assembling and testing Eyecatchers. 



What is the Eyecatcher bracelet?
It's a cuff bracelet that merges art, fashion and technology.

How does the Eyecatcher bracelet work?
It receives images from your phone via Bluetooth, and then displays the images on an ultra-thin, e-ink display. It also stores up to 15 images for phone-free convenience.

How do I use my Eyecatcher bracelet?
With the Eyecatcher app you control everything: which artwork is shown and when, optional keywords to filter notifications, how notifications will be displayed, the clock and much more.

How do I select artwork for my Eyecatcher bracelet?
The app contains a library of beautiful patterns and photos to choose from. You can also make your own custom artwork with the phone's camera.

Can I modify and edit the artwork before loading it onto my Eyecatcher bracelet?
Yes. You can crop artwork, adjust contrast, overlay a message using a number of different fonts and even draw something freehand.

Does the display show color images?
Not yet, all images are displayed in black, white and grayscale.

How long is the battery life?
You can update the display about 8000 times on a full battery charge. We use a rechargeable lithium polymer battery to minimize waste.

Does the display turn off when the battery runs out?
No. The display is always on. If the battery runs out, it will show the most recent image you used until you recharge it.

Does my Eyecatcher work in the dark?
E-ink displays are like paper. If you can read print on paper, then you can see the display. So unless you can read in the dark, you probably can't read the display without some light.

Does my Eyecatcher work in bright sunlight?
Yes. The legibility is excellent in direct sunlight.

Do I need a phone to use my Eyecatcher bracelet? Which mobile platform?
The Eyecatcher bracelet has built-in memory so it can show a slideshow of stored images without a phone. However if you want to show a notification from the phone, then your phone needs to be nearby. We support recent iPhones and iPads with BLE that run iOS7,8,9,10. We also support Android (4,5,6).

What about water damage?
The Eyecatcher bracelet is water resistant, so it should be fine with occasional splashes when washing your hands or being in the rain. It's not 100% waterproof, so avoid immersion and salt water exposure.

Does the Eyecatcher bracelet come in multiple sizes? What about materials?
Yes. Small, Medium and Large will fit most men and women.

Measure your wrist circumference with a piece of string. The Small is for 165mm circumference wrists, Medium is for 180mm, and Large is for 200mm.

Different designs have slightly different fits. Mars has a flexible stainless steel cuff, so it can handle various sized wrists depending if you want a snug or looser fit. Mercury has a slightly-flexible white bronze cuff to make it easier to put and and remove. Venus is solid silver (and does not flex) and has a looser fit.

Does the Eyecatcher bracelet come in multiple materials?
Mars is thin flexible stainless steel, Mercury is white bronze, and Venus is solid silver. Venus Mk2 is available in white rhodium, yellow gold, or red gold plating.

Can I buy an Eyecatcher using Paypal?

Yes, as a convenience there is an alternative webshop at www.lookseelabs.com/paypal

Our normal webshop is at www.lookseelabs.com/store

put on Your Eyecatcher

Put the cuff on the thinnest part of your wrist, and then twist. 

Don't try to squeeze your whole hand through the cuff -- it won't fit!


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