Updated Eyecatcher app for iOS & Android

The latest updated app is available on both the iOS Store and Android Store.

The app updates functionality for Patterns, Photos and Info. The Bluetooth engine has been completely updated.

It took a crazy amount of time but now Android 7.1+ now works fine updating Info in the background :)


We’ve added the folders Circles and Saved. Circles patterns create impactful slideshows updating every 10minutes.

Saved patterns are your customized photos. This lets you add your photos to slideshows. You can swipe-right to delete a Saved pattern.


You can now Load, Edit and Save your customized photos. Pressing Save saves your Customized Photo into the folder Saved in Patterns.

Filters now appear as a horizontal UI making selection much easier. Sliders for each type of filter are labeled making them easier to use. There is also a “divider” slider that lets you simultaneously see the original and filtered images.


You can now set the update rate of each info source to Off, 1m, 5m, 10m, 20m, or 30m.

Android 7.1 or newer now works fine updating info sources in the background. (iOS has always worked.) Note that older Androids are no longer supported since we could not get their Android BLE working robustly in the background.

Venus now available in Yellow Gold, Red Gold, and White Rhodium

We are excited to announce that the Eyecatcher Venus is now available with yellow gold, red gold, and white rhodium plating. Venus is available in Small, Medium and Large cuff sizes.

Sorry but the Venus in silver is no longer available.

Venus Small in white rhodium, yellow gold, and red gold plating

Venus Small in white rhodium, yellow gold, and red gold plating

Eyecatcher app for iOS & Android updated

The latest updated app is available on both the iOS Store and Android Store.

This update 1.16 adds help screens for Setup, Patterns, Photo and Info tabs. In particular Photo now requires that you crop your photo before sending it to the Eyecatcher bracelet.

The updated app also has several smaller bug fixes.

Self-help guide

We've published a self-help guide to make sure that your Eyecatcher is working properly. If you have any issues, these are the steps that we walk you through :)

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How to put on your Eyecatcher

When we demo Eyecatchers, we've noticed that some people aren't familiar with how to put on cuffs (uhum men). Here is a quick animation to show you how!

Insert on the narrowest part of your wrist, then twist. Don't try to squeeze your whole hand through the cuff -- it won't fit!

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Beta Eyecatcher app

We are pleased to announce that our iOS and Android Eyecatcher apps are available to download!

Eyecatcher Beta iOS 

Eyecatcher Beta Android

The Eyecatcher app lets you

  • Send patterns
    If you send 1 pattern the display is updated. If you send >1 patterns, then you program a slideshow. You control the delay between images.
  • Customize your photos
    You can load, crop, map to grayscales, filter, draw text and doodles. Voila!
  • Send real-time information
    The Beta app has 6 watchfaces, 2 Apple Health / Google Fit stepcounts, zoomable map, local weather, scan and generate barcodes, and Apple / Google calendar events)
  • Setup
    You can save the unique ID of your bracelet, check the BLE radio status, send test images, and report your phone OS version. This helps us diagnose any issues you may have. 

The app will soon be available on the iOS and Google Play stores. If you are impatient and want to try the apps sooner, then you can download the Beta versions here.

We are distributing Beta versions using Microsoft HockeyApp to let us monitor issues with the Beta apps, and lets you provide feedback. When you register with HockeyApp, Looksee will be provided with your phone's UUID. Every week or so we will update the Eyecatcher Beta app so it works with your UUID. You'll receive a notification that the app now works with your phone.


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Thank you Kickstarters!

Our Kickstarter campaign just closed with almost 1000 backers. We raised $260k -- way more than our goal of $75k. It was fantastic to engage with all of you with your questions, comments, suggestions and critique. Please, please continue!

You can reach us anytime at hello@lookseelabs.com, and you're welcome to come visit us.

Thank you all!



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Staff Pick on Kickstarter

WHAT A DAY! The Looksee Eyecatcher was selected as STAFF PICK on Kickstarter. And we passed our goal! Thank you everyone who helped us!

Now please tell your friends so they can get their own Eyecatcher


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