The latest updated app is available on both the iOS Store and Android Store.

The app updates functionality for Patterns, Photos and Info. The Bluetooth engine has been completely updated.

It took a crazy amount of time but now Android 7.1+ now works fine updating Info in the background :)


We’ve added the folders Circles and Saved. Circles patterns create impactful slideshows updating every 10minutes.

Saved patterns are your customized photos. This lets you add your photos to slideshows. You can swipe-right to delete a Saved pattern.


You can now Load, Edit and Save your customized photos. Pressing Save saves your Customized Photo into the folder Saved in Patterns.

Filters now appear as a horizontal UI making selection much easier. Sliders for each type of filter are labeled making them easier to use. There is also a “divider” slider that lets you simultaneously see the original and filtered images.


You can now set the update rate of each info source to Off, 1m, 5m, 10m, 20m, or 30m.

Android 7.1 or newer now works fine updating info sources in the background. (iOS has always worked.) Note that older Androids are no longer supported since we could not get their Android BLE working robustly in the background.